On Vintage, Unisex Clothing And Connectivity: MAW SUPPLY

As we prepare for BABES FEST 2019, we’re sharing interviews with some of the creatives on our lineup. Today, we’re featuring words from MAW SUPPLY. You can catch MAW SUPPLY on Day Two of the festival during our panels and pop-ups at the LINE Hotel.

Photo of: Rachelle and Norman Clark

Photo of: Rachelle and Norman Clark

who: maw supply

MAW SUPPLY also known as Man and Woman, is a reclaimed, vintage apparel and accessories company founded in 2012 by creative couple Norman and Rachelle Clark.

Tell us about your business.  

MAW SUPPLY also known as Man and Woman, is a vintage and reclaimed apparel and accessories company founded in 2012 by creative couple Norman and Rachelle Clark. Essentially, we do the dirty work so you won't have to. 

What do you look for when you curate your collection?  

We look for an array of unique, beautifully aged, one-of-one pieces that are suitable for the style-driven male and female.

Why did you select the name, Man and Woman, for your business?  

We had been dating for almost a year, and at the time that we birthed the idea, it just felt right because it was real. It was so simple and to the point—literally just who we are. 

How do your collections celebrate the spectrum of gender? 

We make sure to not only include but highlight unisex and gender-fluid pieces in each collection that can be worn by anyone for his or her own freedom of expression. We love to push the envelope a little, so we wanted our work to be a reflection of that even in the subtlest of ways.

How do the two of you, as co-owners, collaborate within your work? 

As a married couple, by default, we've had to find synergy in just about everything we do. Owning a business together is just another one of those areas that we consciously have to be diligent about—how we speak to each other, how we encourage one another and challenge one another to put our best self forward. We try not to step on each other's toes when it comes to creative direction, but when we have disagreements, we focus on the bigger picture and reflect on why we started this business. That recharges us every time.


How do you get into a creative headspace? 

Giving each other adequate space before working together on a project is probably the best thing for us. We're both introverted by design so this time alone allows us to mentally prepare for and meditate on the daily tasks at hand before getting started.

How does your business allow you to serve or support your community? 

As a black-owned business, we are very mindful of how much the black dollar means to our community. Whenever we host a pop-up event of our own, it is mostly in collaboration with other black-owned businesses that are on a similar mission as us—and that is to be our most authentic selves while offering a unique market experience within the communities that helped raise us. It feels good to give back in this way, its the best kind of work. 

Who/what has inspired your own style this season? 

Bright colors. Muddied colors. Blackness. Everyday street wear. Functionality. Simplicity. 

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