Introducing BABES FEST 2019's Limited Edition Poster Design by Eileen Wu

We’re proud to reveal this year’s limited edition #babesfest2019 illustration by artist and illustrator Eileen Wu.

Eileen Wu is a doer and creator from Houston, Texas, working full-time as a graphic designer in Austin. She grabs inspiration from the mundane and beautiful and she's probably spending down time reading philosophy books on a hill somewhere. She wants to become an art teacher soon, and a jazz singer after retiring. She's also a type 1 enneagram, 126 archetype, INFJ, Virgo (if you care about those things).


“Hands have always been a huge symbol for work, healing, supporting, creating, direction, etc. Our need for control in processes enables our grip to be tighter, but nothing can be cultivated when we keep trying to hold things too tightly. When we have a looser grip on all that comes our way, we give ourselves room to breathe and we're that much freer... A lot of our expression and creation is like water–it's constantly flowing. Allow it to flow.” — Eileen Wu

You’ll be able to grab this beauty as a limited edition print at the festival. You’ll also see the design manifested as a few other things, too. 👀 stay tuned!

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Jane Claire Hervey