On Creative Collaborations And Performing For 48 Hours: Linzy Beltran

Linzy Beltran is is a writer and improviser based out of Austin, Texas. She is a member of such troupes as SheSheSheShe, Minority Report and Migas, which performs improv comedy in Spanish and English. Linzy is also a writer/producer/director of Trance, a sketch comedy duo with her friend (and soulmate) Kim Tran. Beltran will be performing and exhibiting an interactive film performance at our BABES FEST film showcase on August 31, 2018 at the Austin School of Film.

Interview conducted by #bbatx committee member Cristina Flores

How would you describe your work?

My work is a little my mom with a little Broadway with a lot of drama with a little bit of comedy and a lot of Latinx magic. It's not trending or cool, but it commands attention and offers empathy, nostalgia and heart. 

From comedy to musical improv, to your work as a producer and performer on Jazz Kween where you jazzed up Bidi Bidi Bom Bom—you're a chingona! What inspired you to combine music and comedy?

I work in the music industry and two of my badass coworkers/besties/singers, Sarah Marine and Jessica Pyrdsa, joked about having a night with a piano and a mic and queens. I told them, "this should happen," and we should combine comedy, since improv is such a huge part of both jazz and comedy. I love that Jazz Kween introduces comedians to new musicians (and vice versa) and all are produced and performed by badass women. We hope that it one day becomes a full day jazz and comedy music festival. 

What are some challenges you experience in producing comedy or musical sketches in the Austin theater/improv scene?

The biggest challenge I've encountered is finding the time to be able to fit it in with my full-time insurance-having, money-paying job and producing shows/musical sketches/scheduling nights where I can just write. But if Queen Bey can do it in 24 hours, so can I. 

How do you choose projects you want to be a part of or produce?

Being vulnerable in my creativity is terrifying.  Creative partnerships are like relationships—find yourself someone who you can be 100% raw and real with. I've been fortunate that I've found ladies/partners that make me feel comfortable with being insecure, who I can disagree with, who I can be cranky around, who I can laugh with and who I love to pieces. 

Earlier this year you performed in the 48-Hour Improv Showcase where you had to improv for 48 hours straight. How was that process?!

I was so terrified going into it because of the toll that it would take on my body, but it was one of the most fun experiences I've ever had. It made me feel invincible—I did 48 shows, in a row! I laughed so hard, bonded with my fellow marathoners, felt like the funniest person and got to play my dad, Juan Beltran, in about 20 different shows. Also, it makes for a good icebreaker in situations where you run out of "fun facts" about yourself. 

You’re also working with some rad artists like Kim Tran on some successful collaborations. What advice do you have for women and non-binary creatives as they venture out and create together?

I met Kim Tran at an All-Ladies improv jam and went up to her and asked her out (to be creative with me). She was my first relationship—seriously. I'd never had a boyfriend before that. I say if you find someone you admire and you feel a bond with and love, ask them to work with you. We live in a city that cultivates art and talent.  

Tell us more about your upcoming projects and how we can support your work. 

Follow @jazz.kween on Instagram, Glam Fam - Comedy on Facebook for some funny vids and DM me if you want me to host your Mitz Vahs. 


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