Entering Ladiearth’s Realm: The Musician on Inspiration, Creativity, and Her Dream Girl Gang

Digital illustration by Jasmine Brooks | @jazmn_camille on Instagram

Digital illustration by Jasmine Brooks | @jazmn_camille on Instagram

Meet Ladiearth, an Austin-based musician with a sound that is as ethereal as it is assertive. Her debut song ‘Water’ was released in February of 2017. On ‘Earthday,’ her first EP, she celebrates the feminine energy within herself, calling listeners to do the same. Below, she discusses her free flowing process.

Interviewed by #bbatx News Coordinator Kennedy Williams

What did you listen to growing up?

I listened to a lot growing up. I used to listen to Tejano music. Oh my God I loved Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. I used to have Britney Spears tour movies and watch them all the time. I was into a lot of teenage girl Pop music. My dad put me on to Jazz. I listened to a lot of old Funk, Soul, and R&B. 

What’s the process of creating music like for you?

I can’t think too much about the songs. Whenever I try to write music it sucks because I think about everything too hard. The best thing for me is to play the beat and freestyle through everything. Then I’ll go back and freestyle a few times or add things in and I’ll be done. I just go off of feeling instead of being like ‘I need this bar to slap!’ I have to say whatever comes to mind.

What’s your ideal environment for creation?

My favorite place to create is in the car.  love listening to music in the car and listening to the same beat over and over again. I also like creating in my room because it’s so vibe-y. I can’t really create anywhere else because I get distracted. I also can’t have anyone around me when I write because I don’t like the input. If I were to listen to people I wouldn’t have made half of the music I have. I’ve realized that I love the process of creation more than the actual end result of it. I love being busy and putting things together to see what happens.

When did you start making music?

I started writing music with my best friend Kevin in 6th grade. We would be in health class writing. I stopped writing for some reason—I sucked as a teenager. Have you seen the show Insecure on HBO? I would just rap in the mirror just like Issa. Then in 2014 when I was in college I made a Christian song. But my bars went so hard. The first song I really put out was in January of 2017 called ‘Water.’

When do you feel the most free?

When I’m in the car, definitely. If I’m in the car I don’t have any outside influences, I’m just there. I’m not influenced by anything besides trying not to crash. When I’m in nature I feel free.

How would you describe your music?

It’s ratchet fairy music. That’s it.

A lot of your music is about the connections between spirituality and sexuality. Is that intentional? Is that a message you’re trying to get across when you create?

A lot of people, when they make music or create visuals, are like ‘I want to portray this so people can perceive this message.’ I don’t do none of that shit. Then later I’m like ‘oh, I actually did something!’ I write off of how I feel, I’m not trying to feel a certain thing I’m just doing it. My subconscious runs more than my conscious. My subconscious is my true self anyway.

Along with being a musician you also teach twerking classes. Thinking about that alongside the messages in your music, are you trying to change how women interact with their bodies?

Initially I wasn’t, I just wanted to lead twerk classes and teach what I like to do. I’ve realized that it does change how a lot of women feel about their bodies. There’s this girl that comes to my class every week for the past month. The past few times she didn’t really talk. She just came to the class and left. The last time she was smiling and talking. One girl used to always come to my classes in pants. Recently she’s been coming in shorts. The past few times she’s been wearing her panties. I know that twerking activates the Sacral Chakra which is centered around creativity and sexual energy. It’s cool to actually see that come to light and see the differences in women because of dancing.

You’ve had some memorable groups of women in your music videos. If you had to create a girl gang full of current women-identifying musicians who would you choose?

Princess Nokia, I love her. Bbymutha. I love me some Bbymutha. I would need Rihanna. Doja Cat—she’s a producer and writer so that’s a plus. I would need a mom in the group so Erykah Badu, definitely.

Ladiearth will be performing during Day 2 of BABESFEST at the Mohawk. Click here to get your tickets.

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